Read what our customers have to say about the service they’ve received from Jeff’s Auto.

What our clients are saying about us...

If you're looking for a friendly, professional, and honest auto shop, Jeff's is for you! I went in about a month ago for an oil change - over the next few weeks, I noticed a very slow oil leak so I brought my vehicle back in. Paul was able to find and fix the issue (not their fault, just a faulty part) and did not charge me anything out of courtesy because they missed it last time. I will continue going to this shop and encourage anyone else in the Hopkins/Minnetonka/St. Louis Park area to do the same.

Mandy Hay

We could not be happier with the recent service we received at Jeff's Auto Service! My wife's car unexpectedly had an electrical issue and even though she was't even a former customer of theirs, Jeff's Auto got her in immediately to evaluate the situation and get her Explorer up and running again. We highly recommend them!

K Marsh

I’m always happy with my service. Paul does a great job at keeping me updated on what is needed on my vehicle. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. It’s nice to have the peace of mind, knowing everything is done correctly.

Elaine Roder

Excellent service and great people; had shocks replaced. oil change and tire rotation. Been using Jeff's for 30 years highly recommend.

Allan Clark

Always reliable, always accurate. Lovely people to help you take care of your car. I have been fortunate to find an honest auto shop.

Mary Degen

I've been taking my vehicles to Jeff's for a number of years and have always had a good experience. Customer service is excellent and they live by the golden rule. Can't recommend them enough!

Laurie Anderson

Recently took my vehicle there for the first time for a water pump replacement. They were very friendly, did a great job, didn't charge me any extra fees above their quote, and got it done on time. Very happy with the experience.

George Michael

Always a great experience with Jeff's Auto! They take good care of my car and turn it around quickly.

Christopher Polston

Good, honest mechanics! They always get me in quickly, the prices are great, and the waiting area is really nice and comfy. Definitely the nicest auto shop I’ve ever been to.

Joan Brown

Honest, efficient, and prompt service always. Great local auto repair shop. Would highly, highly recommend.

Sarah Sather

Prompt, honest and good people to work with. Always reasonable prices with the great job that was done on my vehicle.

Jane Wolter McWilliams

I had a used car inspection on a vehicle I anticipated buying. I was impresses how complete the inspection was. I trusted Jeff's for the inspection to the extent that I purchased the vehicle based solely on his recommendation. It has been a good choice.

Allen Grundmeier

I wanted to take a moment to write a "Thank-you" for all the times your company has demonstrated it's willingness to do things the "right way", and in a manner that keeps the consideration of the customer in mind. Specifically, I took our 03 Buick Regal in, late in the day on a Tuesday, with a mysterious issue regarding failing suddenly after ignition. You diagnosed the issue, and repaired the car within 24 hours. This, frankly, is a high level of service that I have seen you perform time after time. However, you went a step further this time, in that you also encountered a wiring issue in the key cylinder that was causing the car to die after re-ignition. You called to explain that the car would need a new cylinder to function correctly, which I begrudgingly accepted as necessary, though it was in No Way any fault of yours. Then Paul & Kirt took the EXTRA TIME, unbeknownst to me to solder the wires until the present cylinder worked correctly at NO EXTRA CHARGE. "Thank you" as well to everyone we work with at your facility. It is a pleasure to do business when you feel as though the people you are conducting business are looking out for your vehicle and your best interest.

Matt Mauren

We come to Jeff's Auto Service for the honest, dependable and timely service they provide. We have been coming to Jeff's over 20 years and plan to continue far into the future!

John & Kathy Kielb

Jeff's Auto is unfailingly reliable, prompt and fair. From checking out potential cars to nursing beater cars, they have serviced our four vehicles over the years. Their counsel is sound and their attention is fabulously thorough. Jeff and Leann behave as guardians of our safety and advocates for our frugality. They are stuck with us for life!

Ellen & Jim Hancock

I highly recommend Jeff's auto! I had my van sitting at another mechanic for a week. I finally went and got my van and took it to Jeff's on Tuesday afternoon, and Jeff's said they could work on Wednesday. By Wednesday afternoon I had my van back and in great working condition!

Cheryl Gendler

I helped my daughter buy a used car for my granddaughter, a new driver. We took the car we selected, which we knew has major mechanical problems, to Jeff's for a used car inspection and got a report on the work that needed to be done. Armed with the report, my daughter negotiated a price for the car that took into account the work that needed to be performed. Jeff's did all the work in a timely manner keeping us informed of the progress at each stage. Our granddaughter is very pleased with the car, and the total of the price we paid for the car & repairs is still less than the "Blue Book" value of the car. We have added the confidence that the car is mechanically sound. This is the second time we have used Jeff's and we continue to be very impressed with their first-rate work and excellent communication. (Repairs completed: replaced transmission, replaced rotors, calipers & pads in the front brakes. Rebuilt part of the exhaust system, and changed oil & filters).

James Samples

The give personalized service. They don't do any work that isn't necessary. I trust that they won't try and sell me something I don't need.

Heidi Blackburn

Life is good when you have people you can trust to do good work and treat you fairly. Honest & dependable, that's what Jeff's Auto is to us! They have taken great care of our foreign & domestic cars for twenty years. When I hear friends talk about their car troubles, I always recommend the mechanics at Jeff's with confidence.

Pat & Dog Larson