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Six Ways You are Killing Your Car:  Winter Tips.
  1. Ignoring the check engine light - Ignoring an illuminated check engine light can result in serious engine trouble and costly repairs. At the very least, this warning light could alert you to an engine problem that is harming your fuel economy. Make sure your battery and charging system are fully charged and in good condition.  Keep your gas tank at least half full.
  2. Failing to change fluids and filters – Many fluids are required for the operation and protection on your vehicle. Check fluid levels and filters to keep your vehicle running dependably.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  3. Use windshield washer fluid with winter solvent that won't freeze.  Check your wipers for wear.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  4. Neglecting your tires - Your vehicle’s tires should be checked frequently for inflation and tread depth. Underinflated tires can wear out and need to be replaced sooner. A low tire is unsafe and harms your vehicle’s gas mileage and performance.                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  5. Not scheduling regular maintenance - Many car parts and components wear out or become damaged over time, and vehicles need to be routinely serviced to perform optimally. Routine inspections and timely repairs will help keep your car running efficiently so you can avoid more expensive repairs down the road.
  6. Keeping a dirty car - Damaging chemicals from road salt and dirt will build up on your car if you don’t wash it regularly. This increases the potential for rust and interferes with proper visibility needed for safe driving.  Best to wash when temperature is 40 degrees or more and preferable in the daylight hours so there is time to dry.
  7. Frequent driving in adverse conditions - Whether it's stop and go traffic, extreme weather, rough roads, or heavy loads, it can be difficult to limit adverse driving conditions. However, you can drive smart and improve fuel economy by observing the speed limit. Avoid aggressive driving or quick starts and stops. Don’t haul unnecessary items, and keep your vehicle tuned.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  8.  Jeff's Auto has been servicing the Hopkins area for over 46 years,  Let us look everything over for you before you travel. complete vehicle inspection with our oil changes! Don't be stranded this winter.

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My experience with the entire staff at Jeff's has been consistently courteous. They do thorough, complete work. Nothing half-way. You can rely on these guys to do the needful...and do it right.

Matt Mauren

I've been taking my vehicles to Jeff's for a number of years and have always had a good experience. Customer service is excellent and they live by the golden rule. Can't recommend them enough!

Laurie Anderson

Recently took my vehicle there for the first time for a water pump replacement. They were very friendly, did a great job, didn't charge me any extra fees above their quote, and got it done on time. Very happy with the experience.

George Michael

Always a great experience with Jeff's Auto! They take good care of my car and turn it around quickly.

Christopher Polston

Good, honest mechanics! They always get me in quickly, the prices are great, and the waiting area is really nice and comfy. Definitely the nicest auto shop I’ve ever been to.

Joan Brown